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Traumatic Brain Injury
Maryland’s Mental Hygiene Administration (MHA) within the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) has been identified as Maryland’s lead agency for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). As lead agency, MHA directs the state’s plans, initiatives, and services for individuals with TBI. Examples of such initiatives, which are described below, include the Maryland Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Board, the Brain Injury Resource Coordination and Training program, and Maryland’s Waiver for Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury.
Maryland Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Board
The Maryland Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Board, established by House Bill 309 (Article Health General Section 13-201 through 13-21-06 meets six times per year reports annually to the Governor of Maryland and the General Assembly as to the needs of individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury.

Specifically, the Maryland TBI Advisory Board will:
  • Investigate the needs of citizens with TBI
  • Identify gaps in services to citizens with TBI
  • Facilitate collaboration among state agencies that provide services to individuals with TBI
  • Encourage and facilitate community participation in program implementation
  • Provide oversight in acquiring and utilizing State and federal funding dedicated to services for individuals with TBI
  • Build provider capacity and provider training that address the needs of individuals with TBI

TBI Advisory Board Report 2013

The Brain Injury Resource Coordination and Training Program

The program was established in 2003 with funding from the Health Resources and services Administration (HRSA)/ Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB), which awards grants to states to develop infrastructure and improve service provision within the state for individuals with traumatic brain injury.
Brain Injury Resource Coordinators assist individuals with acquired brain injuries who are interested in transitioning out of institutions or at risk of institutionalization to access the services and supports that they need. Brain Injury Resource Coordinators also provide enhanced transitional case management to MFP (Money Follows the Person) participants who are enrolling in the Waiver for Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury.
 Services are provided through a contract with the Brain Injury Association of Maryland.
To access the services of the Maryland Brain Injury Resource Network, call the Maryland Brain Injury Resource Helpline.
Call Monday through Friday, 9AM until 5PM, and a Brain Injury Resource Coordinator will be happy to help you

The Mental Hygiene Administration, in collaboration with the Health Resources and Services Administration/ Maternal and Child Health Bureau and the Mental Health Management Agency of Frederick County, has developed numerous training materials geared to the needs of human service professionals.
The purpose of MHA's training efforts is to expand the capacity of humans service agencies and professionals to better identify and support individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury. The attached training materials are copyright free and available to the public.

The resources below are available for download and are copyright free for use. Feedback regarding how the training materials are being disseminated and used is greatly appreciated.

To provide feedback as well as to learn of any newly developed/updated training materials not yet posted, please contact;
Anastasia Edmonston at

 Medicaid Waiver for Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury

The Waiver for Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury is a home and community based Medicaid waiver program, administered by the Mental Hygiene Administration that was implemented in July of 2003. The program provides opportunities for community-based services to individuals who have experienced a traumatic brain injury after the age of 17 and who meet the medical, financial, and technical criteria for the program. Technical eligibility criteria requires that individuals are residents in state psychiatric hospitals, state owned and operated nursing facilities, or Maryland licensed chronic hospitals that are CARF accredited in inpatient brain injury rehabilitation.

TBI waiver Fact sheet

For more information about the Traumatic Brain Injury  Advisory Board;orthe Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver or any other State initiatives for individuals with TBI, contact the Office of Adult Services, Mental Hygiene Administration (410) 402-8476.
Traumatic Brain injury Staff:
Stefani O’Dea, MA, Chief of Long Term Care
Nikisha Marion, MS, TBI Waiver Case Manager
Anastasia Edmonston, MS CRC, Trainer, Traumatic Brain Injury and Person Centered Planning